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NYC Singer, Rapper, Author


About the Artist

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Z is a multi talented artist from NYC. Reflected in her music are the trails and tribulations of growing up in foster care, the social issues plaguing America and a general celebration of womanhood. 

After tragically losing her father due to the president's lack of response to covid-19, the author of the steamy erotica novel "The Last Mission: Assassin Outmatched" decided to channel her frustration and dismay into her music. Her debut single "Black" is an unsettling glimpse at the way blackness is perceived, marketed and appropriated in America all without any substantial benefit to Black citizens.

Z's goal is "To create bops that resonate." and "Black" is a strong start.


Music Tells A Story

Z is an acclaimed NY Author and Music Artist. She began seeing professional success around 2017, with the release of her first critically acclaimed book. She has overcome countless obstacles on the way up, and continues to work hard each and every day to keep her musical journey moving forward.



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